After years of using face masques, neck gaiters, buffs and scarves, and finding that they ALL caused my goggles to fog over, a solution was developed.  The No Fog Face Shield is the product of years of on-the-mountain testing and refinement.

    I needed face protection that wouldn't ever cause fog on the goggle lens, that was easy and quick to put on and remove.   I wanted to be able to breathe fresh air and not have my breath soak into my face protection.  I wanted to be able to eat, drink and speak freely. I wanted to be able to use it without taking off my hat, helmet or balaclava.  It had to be wind-proof, water proof, lightweight and pack small. 
    Tested in blower snow storms, sleet, howling sub-zero winds, against snow-guns, long chair-lift rides - all the worst mountain-top weather that could be found in New England.  Now, my face never gets frosted.  I can breathe, speak, eat, drink or even blow my nose while I'm protected behind my No Fog Face Shield.  Now, you too, can enjoy comfort while braving the nastiest weather.
    I can put the shield on so quickly and easily, that I never hesitate to pull my No Fog Face Shield out of my pocket use it.  I've  found that I don't notice when I have it on.  I use it more often and in situations than I wouldn't consider using a traditional face protection.  Some days, I use the Face Shield only on the lift ride up to protect me from the wind and pull it off, pop it into my pocket when I get to the summit.